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Attenuation and dispersion phenomena of shear waves in anelastic and elastic porous strips
, S. Jena, I.A. Badruddin, T.M.Y. Khan, S. Kamangar
Published in Emerald Group Holdings Ltd.
Purpose: This paper aims to study the attenuation and dispersion phenomena of shear waves in anelastic and elastic porous strips. Numerical investigations are performed for the phase and damped velocity profiles of the wave. For numerical computation purposes, water-saturated limestone and kerosene oil saturated sandstone for the first and second porous strips, respectively. Some other peculiarities have been observed and discussed. Design/methodology/approach: Dispersion and attenuation characteristic of the shear wave propagations have been studied in an inhomogeneous poro-anelastic strip of finite thickness, which is clamped between an inhomogeneous poroelastic strip of finite thickness and an elastic half-space. Both the strips are initially stressed and the half-space is self-weighted. Analytical methods are used to calculate the interior deformations of the model with the involvement of special functions. The determination of the frequency equation, which includes the Bessel’s and Whittaker functions, has been obtained using the prescribed boundary conditions. Findings: Impacts of attenuation coefficient, dissipation factor, inhomogeneities, initial stresses, Biot’s gravity, porosity and thickness ratio parameters on the velocity profile of the wave have been demonstrated through the graphical visuals. These parameters are playing an important role and working as a catalyst in affecting the propagation behaviour of the wave. Originality/value: Inclusion of the concept of doubly layered initially stressed inhomogeneous porous structure of elastic and anelastic medium bedded over a self-weighted half-space medium brings a novelty to the existing literature related to the study of shear wave. It may be helpful to geologists, seismologists and structural engineers in the development of theoretical and practical studies. © 2021, Emerald Publishing Limited.
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JournalEngineering Computations (Swansea, Wales)
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