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Augmenting Moving Planar Surfaces and Spatial Control of Interactive Surfaces Application through Virtual Touch Screen (VIRTOS)-A Case Study
D.T. Priya, S. Narayan, , ,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 395 - 402
The virtual touch screen framework (VIRTOS) is intended to exertion in the space, whereas surrounding light environments can change. The VIRTOS consistently displays touch area, when a vast front area (non-foundation, a hand/ shadow) protects and breaks on the catch; the shade of anticipated touch catch is changed quickly with the end goal to recognize the shadow from the hand. Likewise VIRTOS bolsters the slider (scrollbar) in light of these virtual touch-catch instruments. The basic detraction procedure exists is utilized to fragment the frontal area. The reference image meant for each catch is utilized for basic detraction, is ceaselessly refreshed to represent changes in encompassing light. The experiments show that the ease of VIRTOS, is in it needs of two applications: for slide introductions by two virtual catches towards to explore the slides, and further is an activity diversion measured by the virtual slider effective. Maintenance of Virtos is really easy. Among all the benefits of Virtos, the most important thing is that we are using a solar panel and we know that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. © 2020 IEEE.