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Authenticated wireless image sensor secret network - Graph guided steganography
, , R. Amirtharajan, J.B. Balaguru Rayappan
Published in
Pages: 279 - 284
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN) is the most popular sensor network and is getting fame over the past half a decade. The main compositions of the WMSN are the sensor nodes comprising of any of sensor systems like cameras, microphones, receiving systems and so on. In such a system with the sensor nodes emitting the confidential data, an extra authentication could be incorporated to the system with steganography principles. In this paper the cover image from WMSN has been employed in transform domain with appropriate co-efficient selection by Graph Theory for data embedding. In this proposed method, embedding a normal LOGO (generally fixed) in cover image from WMSN is successfully done along with the authentication and steganography. © 2012 Pillay Engineering College.
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JournalIEEE-International Conference on Advances in Engineering, Science and Management, ICAESM-2012