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Automated Framework for Software Process Model Selection Based on Soft Computing Approach
Dhingra S, Dodwad P, , Madan M.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 395 - 418
Software engineering is an engineering approach for software development. It is a discipline whose aim is the production of fault-free, delivered on-time and within budget software that satisfies the user's needs. Software engineering principles need to be followed to ensure a successful software development project. Within organizations that are involved in software development, the challenge is to select the appropriate process model for the software project. The objective of this chapter is to determine the factors which influence the process model selection. This chapter presents an automated framework for selection of process model using fuzzy-based rule engine and to bring more accuracy for choice of process model, J-48 decision tree was used considering factors as inputs. The user has to give characteristic value of the prioritized factor as input and on the basis of the rules, model is anticipated. The developed framework will be profitable for project managers, experts and venture pioneers in software companies.
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JournalHandbook of Research on Fuzzy and Rough Set Theory in Organizational Decision Making Advances in Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage
PublisherIGI Global
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