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Automated Infusion Control with Core Body Temperature for Infants Under IV Administration
Britto P, , Yathav J.R, Rahman H.K.
Published in Springer International Publishing
Pages: 118 - 121

Measuring the body temperature of patients in prolonged infusion shows drop in core body temperature in accordance with the change in atmospheric conditions like room temperature etc. Babies kept inside the intensive care unit are more prone to the fluctuating temperature, resulting in sequential body temperature drop off. Though intravenous fluid warming system adjusts the fluid to appropriate temperature, it does not take feedback temperature from the patient’s body. Hypothermic conditions might cause serious illness to epileptic babies and the babies under postoperative care. Designing a system, which would addresses this complication is at the urge of distinction. This paper addresses the automatic sensing and cutoff in infusion to prevent the occurrence of such emergency conditions. Temperature sensor is placed at the extremities of the baby. This sensor measures baby’s core body temperature at an hourly interval. The average normal body temperature [‘normal’ varies from babies to babies] is determined initially. Infusion stops and heater goes on when the temperature goes below the set normal temperature. Once the fluid is warmed to a set optimum temperature, infusion occurs. This automated infusion of warmed fluids helps in bringing back the normal body temperature of the babies, thus avoiding emergencies.

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