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Automatic vegetable differentiator
, Nag S, Kumar A, Ranjan R, Shakti S, Ghosh P.
Published in IEEE
Pages: 1616 - 1619
The main objective of the project was to differentiate between potatoes and onions and classify them on the basis of sizes - small, medium and large. Thus, for the first task i.e., to differentiate between potatoes and onions, we used a color sensor which can detect the color of the respective vegetable and separate them accordingly. For the second task i.e., to classify them according to the size we used five IR sensors. If any two IR sensors detect the vegetable, then it signifies that it is a small produce and it'll be separated using a flap at a certain angle. Similarly, if three sensors detect then the produce is medium sized and it'll be separated at an angle unlike to that of the small one. Finally, if all the five sensors detect then the produce will be classified as a large produce and will be separated at a different angle other than that of the other two. This procedure applies for both vegetables with potatoes on one side and onions on the other direction. This project shall have an application in both farming and the upliftment of the agricultural sector and the life of farmers. © 2017 IEEE.
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