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Autonomic computing integration in server management,cloud computing and big-data
Published in International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: 17681 - 17693
Autonomic computing has proved its ability to develop less human intervention systems over different areas of computing. This paper focus more on integration of autonomic computing architecture and policies used in various areas of computing. Server management aspects like performance enhancement,automatic work load provisioning,and load balancing can be automated using autonomic computing policies. Cloud environments are most essential in maintaining various resources to provide service. Management of provisioning allocation,data flow and Qos in cloud computing can be integrated with autonomic computing polices. Big data manages a variety of data from various sources to perform analysis and produces useful information to the users. Autonomic computing architecture can be used for management of data in tasks like automatic collection,auditing,uploading and consolidating data. © 2016,International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.
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