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Baited youth in paro Anand's no guns at my son's funeral: A study on terrorism
S. Narendiran,
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 96
Issue: 9
Pages: 2867 - 2871
Children and young people are employed as soldiers, and also as perpetrators of other forms of violence by terrorists. This paper analyses how the innocent youth are lured towards terror outfits, the aftermath of terrorist activities on the people involved in it and also others who are not directly involved in it. The paper also brings out how the young adults' behavioral development is affected by their involvement with violence as victims and perpetrators using the novel No Guns at my Son's Funeral, Paro Anand's novel was in the IBBY Honor list nominated young adult novel. Young Adults Literature helps the readers to put themselves in the situation of the character in the novel and makes them to undergo the thrills, feelings, emotions, helplessness and the worries of the victims and sufferers from a safe stand. © Serials Publications.
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