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Biconditional cordial labeling of cycle related graphs
M. Kalaimathi,
Published in
Volume: 2282
Let G = (V, E) be a graph. A function f: V ? {0, 1} of the graph G is called a Biconditional cordial labeling of G if an induced edge function f*: E ? {0, 1} defined by f*(uv)={ 1,iff(u)=f(v)0,iff(u)?f(v) satisfies the following two conditions. i)|vf(0)-vf(1)|=1ii)|ef*(0)-ef*(1)|=1 In this manuscript, we prove the existence of the Biconditional cordial labeling for complete bipartite graph, book graph with triangular pages, sunflower graph and web graph. © 2020 Author(s).}, author_keywords={Biconditional Cordial Labeling; Cordial Labeling; Graphs}, references={Bloom, G.S., Hsu, D.F., On Graceful Digraphs and a Problem in Network Addressing (1982) Congr, Number, 35, pp. 91-103; Cahit, I., On Cordial and 3-Equitable Labeling of Graph (1990) Utilitas Math, 370, pp. 189-198; Gallian, J.A., A Dynamic Survey of Graph Labeling (2019) Electronic Journal of Combinatories, 17 (DS6); Harary, F., (1972) Graph Theory, , Addison Wesley; Lakshmi Prasana, N., Saravanthi, K., Sudhakar, N., Applications of Graph Labeling in Major Areas of computing science (2014) International Journal of Research in Computer and Communication Technology, 3 (8). , Vol., No.; Murali, B.J., Thirusangu, K., Meenakshi, M., Biconditional Cordial Labeling of Cycles (2015) International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 10 (80), pp. 188-191. , R., Vol., No.; Murali, B.J., Thirusangu, K., Balamurugan, B.J., Biconditional Cordial Labeling of Ladder Graph and K2+ nK1Graph (2016) International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, 9 (51), pp. 37-45. , Vol., No.; Murali, B.J., Thirusangu, K., Balamurugan, B.J., (2017) Combination Cordial Labeling of Flower Graphs and Corona Graph, 117 (11), pp. 45-51. , Vol., No.; Nedumaran, P., Thirusangu, K., Mary, C., 1-Near Mean Cordial and Biconditional Cordial Labeling of Certain Classes of Graphs (2017) International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 117 (12), pp. 297-307. , Vol., No.; Rosa, A., (1966), pp. 349-359. , On Certin Valuations of the Vertices of a Graph, In Theory of Graphs (Internat. Sympos. Rome.), Gordan and Breach, Newyork, Dunod, Paris, 1967; West, D.B., (2009) Introduction to Graph Theory, , PHI Learning Private Limited, 2nd Edition}, correspondence_address1={Kalaimathi, M.; School of Advanced Sciences, Vandalur-Kelambakkam road, India; email: kalaimathi.m2018@vitstudent.ac.in}, editor={Baskaran B., Rajesh C., Ravikumar J.}, publisher={American Institute of Physics Inc.}, issn={0094243X}, isbn={9780735440128}, language={English}, abbrev_source_title={AIP Conf. Proc.}, document_type={Conference Paper}, source={Scopus},
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