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Big data validation needs and challenges
Published in International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Pages: 21998 - 22008
Big Data is a big topic in software development today. When it comes to practice, software testers may not yet fully understand what Big Data is exactly. What testers do know is that you need a plan for testing it. The problem here is the lack of a clear understanding about what to test and how deep inside a tester should go. There are some key questions that must be answered before going down this path. Since most Big Data lacks a traditional structure, what does Big Data quality look like? And what are the most appropriate software testing tools? Many of us improperly believe that Big Data is just a large amount of information. This is a completely incorrect approach. For example, a 2 petabyte Oracle database alone doesn’t constitute a Big Data situation – just a high load one. To be very precise, Big Data is a series of approaches, tools and methods for processing of high volumes of structured and (most importantly) of unstructured data. © 2016, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.
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