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Bio-Inspired Techniques in Rehabilitation Engineering for Control of Assistive Devices
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 2065 - 2082
The intelligent control of assistive devices is possible from bio-signals or gestures to find the user's intention. The goal of the user intention recognition system is to develop computational methods for decoding the acquired bio-signal data. One of the methods of accomplishing the objective will be using the pattern recognition system. The study of higher level control of assistive device using various data processing techniques with bio-inspired techniques is in progress. The knowledge of bio-inspired computation is essential for the neophytes to develop algorithms for identification of intention from bioelectric signals. Most literatures, demonstrates the application using signals and not much definite study describes the various bio-inspiring computation involved to develop the control of assistive devices in real-time. Therefore, this chapter presents a brief survey of the various bio-inspiring techniques used in interfacing devices for identification of information from the user intends.
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JournalComputer Vision
PublisherIGI Global
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