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Biopolymer coatings for biomedical applications
Published in MDPI AG
Volume: 12
Issue: 12
Pages: 1 - 26
Biopolymer coatings exhibit outstanding potential in various biomedical applications, due to their flexible functionalization. In this review, we have discussed the latest developments in biopolymer coatings on various substrates and nanoparticles for improved tissue engineering and drug delivery applications, and summarized the latest research advancements. Polymer coatings are used to modify surface properties to satisfy certain requirements or include additional functionalities for different biomedical applications. Additionally, polymer coatings with different inorganic ions may facilitate different functionalities, such as cell proliferation, tissue growth, repair, and delivery of biomolecules, such as growth factors, active molecules, antimicrobial agents, and drugs. This review primarily focuses on specific polymers for coating applications and different polymer coatings for increased functionalization. We aim to provide broad overview of latest developments in the various kind of biopolymer coatings for biomedical applications, in order to highlight the most important results in the literatures, and to offer a potential outline for impending progress and perspective. Some key polymer coatings were discussed in detail. Further, the use of polymer coatings on nanomaterials for biomedical applications has also been discussed, and the latest research results have been reported. © 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
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