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Blocking probability-based admission control technique for QoS provisioning in WDM networks
M.R. Senkumar, , C. Selvakumar
Published in Inderscience Publishers
Volume: 38
Issue: 4
Pages: 493 - 506
In this paper, we have proposed a blocking probability-based admission control technique for QoS provisioning on in WDM networks, for this, we estimate the blocking probability for an arriving connection request. The probability that there is at least one free wavelength at the specified book-ahead time that remains idle for the whole connection duration. Next to this an admission control scheme used in each group for deterministic QoS provisioning. The admission control scheme has its root from network calculus which can derive deterministic bounds on throughput and delay rather than statistical averages. Along with the delay metric, the blocking probability is also considered as the main constraints for admission control. The scheme allocates the aggregate token bucket for each class of traffic based on its bandwidth share. © 2020 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
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JournalInternational Journal of Operational Research
PublisherInderscience Publishers