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Capturing architecturally significant requirements using architect’s use case diagram
, I. Krishnamurthi
Published in Research India Publications
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Pages: 15141 - 15163
Today’sSoftware Industries’ mostpreferred Modeling Language for a Software Development is Unified Modeling Language [UML] 6, 9. System Analyst uses theUML Use Case Diagram [UCD] for representing functional requirements of the system in Requirement Analysis Stage1. The UCD givesonly the summary of the System. The Use Case Specification (UCS) document elaborates the full story of the system10. Quality attributes Requirement does not fit into UCD and UCShence it is captured in supplementary documents10. Some of the requirements from functional and nonfunctional requirementsinfluence the architecture of the system and these arestatedas Architecturally Significant Requirement [ASR]11. Use Case diagram provides an effective communication medium for customer interaction. Several interactions between the System Analyst and customer arerequired infinalizing theContract1. Customer involvement and gathering the complete requirement are two important factors for any successful software project1. Most of the customers actively participate indescribing the functional requirements but they show less interest in describing Quality attributes and other nonfunctional requirements12. Omitted important ASR will affect the Quality of the System12. Hence improving Customer involvement in the Requirement stage is necessary. The goal of this paper is to analyzeUML Use Case Diagram’sweakness while capturing ASR and intern propose an enhanced UCD to capture ASR in a simple and effective way and we name it as Architect’s Use case diagram [AUCD]. AUCD introduces Sub flow Connector, Security flow Connector, Alternative flow connector, Scalability indicator and Performance indicator to specify ASR. A Case study demonstrates the usage of Architect’s Use Case Diagram and the results shows AUCD is helpful for capturing ASR during the requirement analysis stage and is also useful for effective communication with customer. © Research India Publications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research
PublisherResearch India Publications