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Cascaded Multi Notch IIR filter to remove odd noise harmonics
V. Deepak Kumar, V. Niranjana, S. Kanishk,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper, we have used a second-order cascaded multi-notch IIR filter to remove noise harmonics and random disturbances from ECG signal. The design of a second-order cascaded multi-notch filter using MATLAB has been implemented. The performance and characteristics of the filter has been shown. Here, we have considered many ECG signals database from Physio Bank ATM and added them with odd noise harmonics since there are fluctuations that occur in the power line interference of 50Hz frequency and its odd frequency harmonics. So original ECG signal is combined with odd noise harmonics and a cascaded multi-notch IIR filter is constructed so that noise harmonics can be removed efficiently, so that there would be no corruption in the actual ECG signal. Various noise parameter schemes have been computed to show the effectiveness of the designed filter. The noise parameters we considered are its correlation with the original signal, its signal to noise ratio(SNR) and root mean square error(RMSE). © 2020 IEEE.