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CFD analysis on Ahmed body and the suggested aerodynamic changes to the Ahmed body
Published in
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Pages: 6465 - 6471
“Ahmed Body” is a very standard simple bluff body which is basically a very simplified version of an automobile. The body is used many times to validate new CFD simulation software and to compare the accuracy of one software with another CFD software by performing simulations in both and comparing the values for Coefficient of drag (Cd) and lift (Cl) with the experimental obtained values of Cd and Cl for the Ahmed body for a particular slant angle. The Ahmed body’s has a variable parameter which is the slant angle at the back, the change in the slant angle (the angle which the slant makes with the horizontal) has an effect on the drag coefficient obtained in simulations, this is due to the difference in the size of the wake area and intensity of the vortices formed. This wake area is a low pressure region of recirculating air which is caused due to the separation in flow as the flow encounters change in curvature and shape of the “Ahmed Body”. Since the Ahmed’s body is a very simplified version of the automobile body, there has been various experiments and simulations aiming to introduce slight aerodynamic and other changes to the base model of the Ahmed’s body to compare the result of the new obtained body with the original Ahmed body and try to get a picture if this change can be at some level be applied to a commercial car which can improve the performance of the car with very minor operating costs. This paper explores the addition of certain structural and aerodynamic changes to the original: “Ahmed body” by looking into diffusers, rear spoilers, front nose and other suggested changes made by previous authors in related projects regarding the Ahmed Body. The paper then compares the final results obtained in simulation software to the values of the original Ahmed Body and comments on the impact of each of these aerodynamic and structural changes. © Research India Publications.
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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research