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Cipher and decipher of image
E. Vijayan, , J. Nirmal Kumar, M. Rastogi, I. Himika
Published in International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: 18653 - 18663
Today with the huge improvement of different advancements like mixed media,research on security is turning out to be more imperative. In giving security Cryptography puts an exceptionally pivotal part. Despite the fact that there are numerous cryptographic calculations to give security,they are not up to the attractive level of the clients. So there was a requirement for exploration on creating new calculations or changing existing calculations. In this paper we are going to explain about the traditional image cryptography technique commonly known as Visual Cryptography Scheme and then comparatively we have proposed an improved AES calculation for picture encryption which can be utilized to encode utilizing AES-128 bits key. The proposed changes in this paper are: repositioning the picture pixels to break the relationship between’s them,randomization of key and concealing the key quality into the scrambled computerized picture and to apply a cover image. So the proposed system gives more security. © 2016,International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.
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