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Cloud-Based Gaming Services
Nag S, Srivastava V.K, Krishna R.S.
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 139 - 158
This chapter talks about the latest technology being used for Cloud Gaming. It discusses about various aspects of this technology. The first part gives a brief introduction about what is actually cloud gaming and the ways in which it is implemented. The subsequent section talks about the various servers and units involved in the whole process. The next section talks about the importance of performance and efficiency in the Cloud Gaming system. There are various advantages of implementing such systems over the traditional gaming systems and of course every coin has two sides and thus there are various limitations of this technology which are discussed further in the chapter. What can be the new advancements and the future of the Cloud Gaming System has also been taken up in this chapter. Some case studies have also been included in this chapter to understand the various topics more clearly by analyzing the present scenarios and systems. The companies which offer cloud based gaming services have been discussed about to understand their technologies and implementation mechanisms.
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JournalEmerging Technologies and Applications for Cloud-Based Gaming Advances in Multimedia and Interactive Technologies
PublisherIGI Global
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