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Cloudlet Services for Healthcare Applications in Mobile Cloud Computing
Somula R, , Venkatesh B, Karrothu A, Pavan Kumar C.S,
Published in Springer Singapore
Volume: 828
Pages: 535 - 543
Nowadays, the uses of mobile devices have been increasing in many aspects of our life such as playing games, sending documents, transactions, and marketing, business, and conference meetings. But this mobile device has limited the resources in terms of battery lifetime, storage, and processing capacity. The new technology known as mobile cloud computing can help users to increase utilization of mobile cloud resources. The limitation of mobile device can be overcome by MCC. The technique called as offloading can transfer the resource-intensive task to remote cloud for processing, and the result will come back to the mobile device. The mobile device connecting to remote cloud with the help of 3G (or) LTE networks causes latency-related issues bandwidth and cost. In order to overcome these problems, MCC has introduced new technology which can reduce latency problems by providing secured and efficient model based on cloudlet. In this paper, we mainly focus on healthcare applications which can be processed by new cloudlet model for reducing processing time as well as providing enough security to user’s data. Initially, the user connects to the available cloudlet; if the cloudlet is not providing required resources or services, the user will redirect to remote cloud. In our model, the cloudlet is used to analyze patient medical records. © 2019, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.