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Coefficient Estimates and Fekete- Szegὅ Inequality for a Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions Defined by Symmetric Q-Derivative Operator by Using Faber Polynomial Techniques
Saravanan G,
Published in International University of Sarajevo
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Pages: 241 - 250
In this article we have defined a subclass of Bi-univalent functions using symmetric q- derivative operator and estimated the bounds for the coefficients using Faber polynomial techniques. We also have obtained the bounds for the linear functional which is popularly known as Fekete- Szego problem. © 2018 International University of Sarajevo.
About the journal
JournalPeriodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences (PEN)
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo
Open AccessNo