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Comparison of coupled-inductor based interleaved high gain dc-dc converter topologies
A.S. Valarmathy,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 364 - 369
A group of high gain DC-DC converters derived from the basic interleaved converter is proposed in this paper. The output of the interleaved structure is further boosted by the diode capacitor multiplier (DCM) pairs. The interleaved nature of the converters helps in reducing the input current ripple. Further, the energy storage inductors are supplanted by coupled inductors. Resultantly, the series arrangement of the secondary winding of the coupled inductors (CI) also takes active participation in improving the voltage gain. The three converters presented in this paper are simulated with an input voltage of 18V, making the switches to operate at a duty ratio of 0.5 and achieve 380V at the load terminals. The simulated waveforms and other parameters are compared to analyze the pros and cons of the three presented converters with regards to their ability to achieve high voltage gain. © 2021 IEEE.