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Concomitant power controlling by multiport Dc-Dc converter for renewable energy sources using PI controller
B. Ashok Kumar,
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network
Volume: 13
Issue: 13
Pages: 4091 - 4095
In this paper, for providing the optimal operation of multiport dc-dc converter for renewable energy sources, PI Controller has been implemented. Here, the proposed controller is utilized to achieve the concurrent power management of compound renewable energy sources, which are of various types and capacities. Initially, the modeling and control topology is designed after that, the principle and operations are analyzed. The suggested dc-dc converter uses only one switch for control in every port where the source is associated. The photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) are considered as the sources and these are associated with the converter. The PV is worked in view of the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller and WTG is associated with the battery source. In MATLAB/Simulink environment, anticipated method is implemented and their performances have been evaluated. The performance of the suggested method is compared with the existing controller. The simulation results are shown to validate the effectiveness of the proposed converter. Then the efficiency of the converter is also determined to evaluate simultaneous power management of the PV and WTG panels for converter. © 2018 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).
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JournalARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
PublisherAsian Research Publishing Network