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Consumer buying behavior and attitude towards pharmaceuticals
Published in GP Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Pages: 3392 - 3397
Pharmaceutical industry is a fastest growing industry in India. It is valued at above US 40 billion dollars. India exports large amount of drugs to difference parts of the world. Nowadays people are conscious of what they buy. Even if doctors prescribe a medicine, consumers resort to internet to get more information on the medicine before they consume it. Consumers have different perceptions on various kinds of drugs. Understanding the consumer attitude towards drugs will help the marketers to formulate marketing strategies better. The present study examines as to what the consumers look out when they reach to purchase a drug from the pharmacy. This paper scrutinizes and gives insights on consumer behavior and their attitudes towards buying different types of pharmaceuticals (like over-the counter drugs, herbals, ayurvedic, analgesics etc). The paper highlights the importance of factors like price, trust and brand in making importance purchase decisions. Further it was also observed that most of the people prefer buying over-the-counter drugs, which might end up being misused by the consumers. However, it was also found that consumers try to be well-aware of the medicine before buying or consuming it. Along with it, price sensitivity is something which majorly dominates the buying behavior of the consumers.
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JournalInternational Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
PublisherGP Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
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