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Content-based language learning and communicative approach to English language teaching for technology and management courses: Integration and implications
Published in IUP Publications
Volume: 12
Issue: 4
Pages: 84 - 88
Language is not only a system of rules but also a dynamic resource for the creation of meaning. Thus, it becomes imperative to distinguish between knowing various grammatical rules and being able to use these rules effectively when communicating. This view has underpinned one of the most popular approaches to language teaching: Communicative Language Teaching (CLL). Accordingly, the shift in the teaching of English and the role of English Language Teaching (ELT) in higher education stand as evidence to it. There is a growing stress on the processes and means rather than the products of a language. In recent years, communication has become the main focus of second language curriculum. Consequently, Content-Based Language Learning (COBALL) assumes one of the leading positions in the language teaching-learning process. Given this background, the present study aims at examining the positive effects of COBALL on the learning of a second language for Technology and Management Students. The results of the study indicate that COBALL provides students with the necessary social and academic skills, promoting productivity and achievement. The study also focuses on the integration of COBALL and communicative approach to language teaching and draws implications for the creation of SL curriculum for technology and management studies. © 2017 IUP. All Rights Reserved.
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