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Control of wheelchair by eye movement using image processing
M. Tara Preeth, L. Arijilli, S. Reddy,
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Pages: 231 - 237
According to the latest report prepared by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, 15 percent of the world's population is disabled [2]. The use of power-driven wheelchairs with high navigational intelligence is a great step to integrate severely handicapped and mentally ill people. Different systems are being developed, allowing the end-user to perform safe movements and accomplish some daily life important tasks [4]. The notion is to create an Eye Monitored System that allows wheelchair navigation depending on the movement of the eyes. We have built a device where a patient sits in a Wheel Chair looking directly at the camera; can move in a direction just by looking in that direction. Our Robotic wheelchair uses the image processing system to control the wheelchair. The user's eye movements are turned to a screen position using a camera, without any direct contact. In addition, we can give more independence to the disabled person to communicate with the devices in a room, for example: a light, a fan. This communication is done using a MEMS Accelerometer. Using this, the person can handle various devices easily. © IAEME Publication
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JournalInternational Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
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