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Controller for a Remotely Located PV/Wind Hybrid Energy System Implemented via Internet of Things

Published in Routledge and CRC Press
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 101 - 114

This book provides an overview of distributed control and distributed optimization theory, followed by specific details on industrial applications to smart grid systems. It discusses the fundamental analysis and design schemes for developing actual working smart grids and covers all aspects concerning the conventional and nonconventional methods of their use.

Hybrid Intelligence for Smart Grid Systems provides an overview of a smart grid, along with its needs, benefits, challenges, and existing structure and describes the inverter topologies adopted for integrating renewable power, and provides an overview of its needs, benefits, challenges, and possible future technologies.

This pioneering book is a must-read for researchers, engineering professionals, and students, giving them the tools needed to move from the concept of a smart grid to its actual design and implementation. Moreover, it will enable regulators, policymakers, and energy executives to understand the future of energy delivery systems towards safe, economical, high-quality power delivery in a dynamic and demanding environment.

About the journal
JournalHybrid Intelligence for Smart Grid Systems
PublisherRoutledge and CRC Press
Open AccessNo