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Corporate social responsibility: A manifestation in FDI
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 202 - 227
There is a famous saying "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" and speaking of this interms of a country's financial position Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can be considered as a powerand CSR as a share of responsibility. Generally the unfurling of CSR is a riveted and intrigued cornerof developing country like India. Every business entity is willing to take up more responsibility as it isgiven lot of respect from various international agencies in the form of FDI and most of the organizationsare realizing that more business heights will imply sustained development for social progress. Socialinnovation is the output derived when FDI and CSR come together leading to development of a nationin various facets. The purpose of the study is to articulate the impact of FDI on CSR activities in Indiancontext and to analyze the importance of how both FDI and CSR are interdependent and complementeach other in various facets, not forgetting the fact that it's high time for Indian economy to boost up itsCSR activities keeping in view the subsequent flow of investments. © 2016, IGI Global.
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JournalAnalyzing the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Foreign Direct Investment
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