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Correction to: Copper(II) complexes of l-arginine as netropsin mimics showing DNA cleavage activity in red light (Inorganic Chemistry (2009) 48:7 (2932−2943) DOI: 10.1021/ic8017425)
A.K. Patra, T. Bhowmick, , S. Ramakumar, A.R. Chakravarty
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 31498609
Volume: 58
Issue: 19
Pages: 13502 - 13503
Page 2941 and 2942. Gel images of Figures 7 and 9−11 are corrected. The gel lanes were earlier incorrectly sourced from different original gel images, which are now submitted as revised Supporting Information (SI). The original gels in some cases have additional lanes from other experiments, and those lanes are not given in the text figures. A few additional minor corrections are listed below. Page 2942, right column of Figures 10 and 11b caption. The exposure time is corrected to 2 h from 1 h. The following statement should be added at the end of the Figure 11 caption: "This figure is adapted from Figures S11 and 4(b) of the associated communication published in Inorg. Chem. 2007, 46, 9030−9032 (cited as ref 45), and Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58, 9514−9514, by the same group for [Cu(Larg) 2](NO3)2 and [Cu(L-arg)(phen)Cl]Cl for a comparison of the data in the full article." The following statement should be added at the end of each caption of Figures 7 and 9−11: "This figure was made by a compilation of lane images sourced from different raw gels that are available in respective Figures S5−S8 in the SI." Page 2943. The footnote of Table 5 should read as "aPhotoexposure time (t) = 1 h [365 nm], 2 h [647.1 nm]". Supporting Information Available: "... (Figures S3, S4); selected bonding ..." is revised to "... (Figures S3, S4); raw gel images (Figures S5−S8); selected bonding ...". We apologize for this mistake of combining lanes from different raw gels. The extent of plasmid DNA cleavage (observed as %NC) was determined from the band intensities (SC and NC forms of plasmid DNA) using a UVITECH Gel Documentation System. The %NC values are given in the figure captions. The estimated error in measuring %NC is ca. 5%. The corrections described here do not alter or invalidate any of the conclusions reported in the original publication. Revisions of the SI file: Figures S5−S8 present full gel images in the revised SI. The details of the lanes along with the %NC are given in the figure captions of the revised figures. Revised Figure 7 is from Figure S5. Revised Figures 9−11 are made from Figures S6−S8, respectively. The lanes used to make the revised text figures are marked by color boxes in the raw gel images. The revised SI file (as a PDF) is submitted. (Figure Presented). Copyright © 2019 American Chemical Society.
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