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Correlated analysis of semi-quantitative immunohistochemical features of E-cadherin, VEGF and CD105 in assessing malignant potentiality of oral submucous fibrosis
Anura A, , Pal M, Paul R.R, Ray A.K, Chatterjee J.
Published in Elsevier BV
PMID: 25015036
Volume: 210
Issue: 12
Pages: 1054 - 1063
Oral submucous fibrosis, a potentially premalignant condition for oral squamous cell carcinoma, manifests both non-dysplastic and dysplastic grades. Early and specific identification of its malignant potentiality suffers from diagnostic limitations that may be addressed by correlated molecular pathology attributes having histopathological backdrop. Present study correlates expressional alteration in prime epithelial marker E-cadherin, with neo-angiogenic molecules viz. VEGF and CD105 for elucidation of malignant potentiality in different stages of oral submucous fibrosis. Sixty-eight incision biopsies from normal oral mucosa (n=10), non-dysplastic (n=18) and different dysplastic grades (n=40) of oral submucous fibrosis were semi-quantitatively analyzed for immunohistochemical expressions of E-cadherin (membranous and cytoplasmic), VEGF and CD105 which were further statistically correlated. The loss of membranous E-cadherin with increase in cytoplasmic accumulation in differentiative layers of epithelium through the progression of dysplasia was noted along with up-regulation in VEGF expressions. The number of CD105+ blood vessels and their major axis also showed significant increase from non-dysplasia toward higher grades of dysplasia. The positive correlation between deregulated expression of epithelial cell-cell adhesion molecule and increase in neo-angiogenic attributes of oral submucous fibrosis with increase in dysplastic grades indicated elucidatory potential of molecular expression features in assessment of malignant potentiality in oral submucous fibrosis. © 2014 Elsevier GmbH.
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