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Cost Effective Solution for Visually Impaired
Published in Diva Enterprises Private Limited
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Pages: 192 - 196
The fundamental aim of this article is to show a developed framework that can help the visually impaired for dealing with their daily life activities such as navigation, reading, colour detection and currency detection using a very cost-effective model. 285 million human beings are estimated to be visually impaired global: 39 million are visually impaired and 246 have problems like low vision. “About 90% of the sector’s visually impaired live in low-earnings settings.” Most of those can’t travel freely. There has been minimal carried out with appreciate to indoor navigation in cutting-edge answers, referred to as electronic Orientation Aids (EOA), owing to high cost for instrumentation and confined capacities. We will likely separate these boundaries by presenting a framework which is generally economical for both the visually impaired and the organizations that prepare their structures. Utilizing RFID labels to set up a location–tagging framework inside structures with the end goal that the visually impaired can utilize a RFIDs to find out their area and also for navigational purposes. The whole framework is actualized by utilizing Raspberry Pi Micro controller running in Universal Windows. Highlighting various technologies and methods with their effective usefulness, design and working challenges and requirements of blind people, we discuss on how this cost-effective solution can serve a great help in this undeniably essential social area. © 2019, Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development. All rights reserved.
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JournalIndian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
PublisherDiva Enterprises Private Limited
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