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Counter effect of media‘s exposure of violence to the public with respect to Bama‘s Karukku and ideology
M. Gayathri,
Published in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Pages: 54 - 57
Days are getting obsolete wherein passivity is considered as the supreme weapon of heroism. Long-suffering and tolerance towards hatred and love are seldom seen in today‘s society. Media – be it news channels or films or any other commercial entertainments – started focussing on numerous violent behaviours found in the society. Even this violence is seen in two phases. One is the type of violence projected by the wicked ones of society and another type is of the ones who want to bring peace and justice by using it as a weapon to fight back evil. When such horrific or gory details of the violence acted out by the evil minded people through media it automatically creates a humongous terror among the people. People are thrown into a state where they no longer find society harmless. They tend to walk with fright and horror. This creates suspicion to everyone around them. So, in an act of defensive mechanism they even violently attack people whom they are suspicious of, out of fright. This article tries to show how media can even be preaching violence knowingly or unknowingly by influencing young minds by exposing them continually to violence described in its nakedness. © IJSTR 2020.
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