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Coverless VoIP steganography using hash and hash
Published in Sciendo
Volume: 20
Issue: 3
Pages: 102 - 115
Performing secure and robust embedding and extracting in real time voice streams without deteriorating the voice quality is a great challenge. This paper aims on hiding the secret data bits in the voice packets without modifying any data in the cover thereby improving the embedding transparency and becomes robust against the steganalysis attacks using coverless approach. Initially a hash array is built with the frame size. The cover bit position is identified from the hashing function. The hash array is marked with a flag value to indicate that the particular sample consist of the secret message bit. The hash array is attached with the VoIP samples, at the receiver side the hash table is separated, and the secret bits are extracted based on the hash array. The experimental results conducted on a VoIP prototype proved to be simpler and effective in terms of the computational complexity, undetectability and voice quality at both sender and receiver end. © 2020 Sciendo. All rights reserved.
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