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Crack Detection Robot in Underground Gas Pipelines using FPGA
B. Priyanka Reddy,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
The gas distribution system is used to transfer gas from one place to another. Here, explosion takes place when cracks are present in pipeline. In our project, the main objective is to determine the precise location of cracks present in underground pipelines so that human efforts and financial loses can be reduced. To detect the cracks, robot is used to detect the cracks with the help of ultrasonic sensor. Two dc gear motors of 300 rpm are used for movement of robot. The whole setup is interfaced with Nexys4 using FPGA. Ultrasonic sensor transmits eight 40 KHz ultrasonic burst to inner surface of pipe. The pipe then reflects ultrasonic burst and ECHO signal is in high state. In absence of cracks, ECHO pulse width ranges from 150us to 20us and in presence of cracks, ECHO pulse width is beyond 25ms. LCD in user module displays crack or no crack depending upon the data received. The whole setup consists of Nexys-4, ultrasonic sensor, LCD, DC motors which are implemented on FPGA due to its reconfigurable nature, low price and marketing speed. © 2019 IEEE.