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Crowd Management Using Ambient Intelligence
V. Jacob Jebaraj, S. Surya,
Published in Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
Volume: 688
Pages: 449 - 456
Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is the Artificial Intelligence which is completely human-centric. It deals with a new world where computing devices are spread everywhere, allowing the human being to interact in physical world environments in an intelligent and unobtrusive way. These environments should be aware of the needs of people, customizing requirements and forecasting behaviors. AmI involves integrating the technology invisible in day-to-day life. According to Information Society Technologies Advisory Group (ISTAG) 1999, AmI1 should be the result of the convergence of three key technologies: ‘Ubiquitous Computing,’ ‘Ubiquitous Communication’ and ‘Intelligent User-Friendly Interfaces.’ AmI is unobtrusive and often invisible, being embedded in everyday objects such as furniture, clothes, vehicles, roads and smart materials. People will be surrounded by intelligent and intuitive interfaces recognizing and responding to the presence of individuals. Intelligence embedded in everyday objects and the surrounding environment such that the use of these smart objects is intuitive to the inhabitants of the environment. Combining both mobile and sensing technologies for providing a pervasive and unobtrusive intelligence and environment in supporting the main activities and interactions of the users. This forms the base of Ambient Intelligence. Technologies like face-based interfaces and affective computing are inherent ambient intelligence technologies. Many features being the crucial element in setting up an effective and efficient Ambient Intelligence environment, intelligent user interface is the key component. A vision of society of the future, where the people will find themselves in an environment of intelligent and intuitively usable interfaces, ergonomic space in a broad sense, encompassing better, secure and active living environment around them, capable of aiding them with daily chores and professional duties by recognizing the presence of individuals, reacting to it in a non-disturbing, invisible way, fully integrated into the particular situation. © 2021, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
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