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CryptoCert: A Blockchain-Based Academic Credential System

Published in CRC Press

Blockchain is a distributed technology that works along with smart contracts to create immutable ledgers in different application domains. Extensive research is still ongoing on how to utilize blockchain in industries such as healthcare, education, and finance, just to name a few. This chapter proposes a blockchain-based academic credential verification. Replacing current verification systems in educational institutes with those based on blockchain proves to benefit all the stakeholders. The chapter evaluates this proposal and presents a system, CryptoCert, as a proof of concept. By removing the need for a third party for verification, a lot of time and money will be saved for the stakeholders. More importantly, blockchain’s immutability provides a unique and efficient way to curb the widespread fraud and falsification of academic credentials such as degrees, transcripts, and learning achievement certificates.

About the journal
JournalRecent Trends in Blockchain for Information Systems Security and Privacy
PublisherCRC Press
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