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Crystallization and Kinetic Studies of an Active Pharmaceutical Compound Using Ethyl Lactate As a Green Solvent
, T.K. Radhakrishnan, P. Kalaichelvi
Published in American Chemical Society
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Pages: 1527 - 1537
The thrust to adopt sustainable greener technologies in chemical and pharmaceutical process industries has been growing since last two decades due to the intense usage of volatile organic solvents from synthesis to purification stages. Hence, the objective of the present study is to analyze the feasibility of replacement of the organic solvent used in the purification of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in a pharmaceutical context. From this perspective, the crystallization of an API-ibuprofen using ethyl lactate as an alternate green solvent is explored for the first time in the present study. Ethyl lactate belongs to the family of lactate esters, which is 100% biodegradable in nature. The feasibility of crystallization of ibuprofen is analyzed and a methodology is developed to crystallize the same. In addition, the kinetic parameters for the unseeded batch cooling crystallization of ibuprofen grown in 50% aqueous ethyl lactate have been estimated. A model of the crystallizer is constructed based on first-principles and a nonlinear optimization based methodology is used for extracting the kinetics. The results show that ibuprofen can be crystallized from aqueous ethyl lactate and the kinetic parameters are reported for the region where the system does not pass through two phase separation. Copyright © 2019 American Chemical Society.
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