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Decision making in agriculture based on land suitability - Spatial data analysis approach
Published in Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN)
Volume: 46
Issue: 1
Pages: 17 - 23

India, being an agricultural country analysis of soil texture and water resource plays a vital role in increasing the productivity of crops. The area of study is Vellore district in Tamil Nadu where agriculture is the main occupation. Though it is a fact, most of the land remains uncultivated due to the lack of knowledge of soil and water wealth. This paper proposes a method to analyze the suitability of land based on soil and water resource and predicts the yeild. Initially we apply Analytical Hierarchical Process to evaluate the influence of these factors on productivity. Weighted Overlay Analysis is then used for deriving at the productivity map by imposing the soil and water resource map over the base map. The resultant map is used to mine interesting patterns which gives us potential results in the form of rules that has a high societal impact. The Agricultural administrative authorities can take a decision and help people in converting a barren land into a fertile land thereby increasing the productivity. © 2005 - 2012 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

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JournalJournal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
PublisherAsian Research Publishing Network (ARPN)
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