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Design and Analysis of on-Chip Spiral Inductors Using Automatic Generated Layouts through SKILL Code
K. Abhishek, K. Harini, B. Rachana, T. Sobhana,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 887 - 891
Inductor is one of the most area hungry, yet an important component in the modern wireless devices of communication systems and various other electronic devices. In this paper two inductors are designed and studied to obtain optimum characteristic values of inductance (L), quality factor (Q) and self-resonant frequency (fsrf). Designing an inductor with high quality factor at high frequency and low area is a challenging task. In this paper, realization of two spiral inductor design is implemented using SKILL coding for automatic layout generation of the inductors which also saves design time. Spiral inductors modeled with equal and unequal width and spacing between the turns are studied. Electromagnetic simulations are carried out using ANSYS HFSS EM simulator. From the simulation results, it can be noted that an inductance of 1.45 nH with a quality factor of 2.54 at 26.4 GHz is achieved for equal width and spacing. Whereas, the other inductor with unequal width and spacing results in an inductance of 3.55 nH with a quality factor of 9.43 at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. From the tabulated results, it is found that the unequal width and spacing between the turns gives higher quality factor. © 2018 IEEE.