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Design and analysis of solar PV fed DC micro grid for rural electrification
M. Sai Krishna Reddy,
Published in Alpha Publishers
Volume: 10
Issue: 10
Pages: 9364 - 9378
Surveys and statistics showing majority of rural areas and remote places in third world countries are far from accessing electricity and facing power shortage. One important reason for this circumstance is power generating plants distant from rural areas. Despite of AC utility grid most of the loads requires power converters to obtain regulated DC. Also power conversions required in DC grids are less when compared with AC grids. Abundant Renewable energy like solar photovoltaic has potential to provide solution for the rural electrification through DC micro grid. This article presents the design, analysis and simulation of photovoltaic based DC micro grid system with low cost DC household which is not connected to utility Grid. The proposed system suited for running approximately 125 watts loads useful for daily routine. The Proposed system utilizes Boost converter as front-end converter to regulate required DC bus voltage for forming DC micro grid. Fly-back converter is used as point of load converters to meet different load specifications. Simulation study of the proposed system is done in PSIM 9.0. To validate the proposed system 236 watts proto type was developed and tested. © 2020 Alpha Publishers. All rights reserved.
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