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Design, Fabrication and characterisation of TE Mode MZI Device for Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuit
Y. Mandke, , R. Henry
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Designing the photonics integrated circuit on silicon platform is a challenging task. For most of the photonic devices interferometers acts as major foundational block. One of the famous interferometer in photonics design is called as Mach Zehender Interferometer(MZI).This paper explains design simulation, fabraction and measurement of fabricated MZI device. The wavelength range has been chosen to be TE polarization 1500-1600 nm with waveguide being strip waveguide. Such five MZI devices have been designed with variation in waveguide length and simulation was performed over larger number of data points. The design have been simulated in software Lumerical mode and Lumerical Interconnect. Based on the simulation the mask layout was prepared for fabrication using tool called KLayout. The complete layout was fabricated over a footprint of 605μm × 410μm at Applied Nanotools Inc. Canada and Washington Nanofabrication Facility USA. The measurement of the fabricated devices have been performed and compared with simulated device. © 2019 IEEE.