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Design of a triangular platform piezoresistive affinity microcantilever sensor for biochemical sensing applications
Mathew R,
Published in IOP Publishing
Volume: 48
Issue: 20
Microcantilever platforms with integrated piezoresistors have found versatile applications in the field of clinical analysis and diagnostics. Even though treatise encompasses numerous design details of the cantilever based biochemical sensors, a majority of them focus on the generic slender rectangular cantilever platform mainly due to its evolution from the atomic force microscope (AFM). The reported designs revolve around the aspects of dimensional optimization and variations with respect to the combination of materials for the composite structure. In this paper, a triangular cantilever platform is shown to have better performance metrics than the reported generic slender rectangular and the square cantilever platforms with integrated piezoresistors for biochemical sensing applications. The selection and optimization of the triangular cantilever platform is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the preliminary selection of the cantilever shape is performed based on the initial design obtained by analytical formulae and numerical simulations. The second stage includes the geometrical optimization of the triangular cantilever platform and the integrated piezoresistor. The triangular cantilever platform shows a better performance in terms of the figureof merit (FoM), and the measurement bandwidth. The simulation results show that the magnitude of ψ of the triangular platform is 77.21% and 65.64% higher than that of the slender rectangular and the square cantilever platforms respectively. Moreover, the triangular platform exhibits a measurement bandwidth that is 70.91% and 2.04 times higher than that of the slender rectangular and square cantilever structures respectively. For a better understanding of the 2D nature of the stress generated on the cantilever platform due to the surface stress, its spatial profile has been extracted and depicted graphically. Finally, a set of design rules are provided for optimizing the triangular cantilever platform and piezoresistor dimensions in terms of the electrical sensitivity and the mechanical stability for biochemical sensing applications. © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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