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Design of an all optical encoder/decoder using cross-layered2D PCRR
S. D,
Published in Elsevier GmbH
Volume: 231
Photonic crystals are utilized to construct all optical logic devices that offer high speed and large bandwidth handling capabilities in addition to better noise immunity for all optical signal processing in the next generation optical integrated circuits. This paper puts forward a novel design for a 4 × 2 encoder and corresponding 2 × 4 decoder using 2D photonic crystal ring resonator (PCRR). The encoder/decoder structure is based on cross layered linear optical waveguides and non-linear crystal ring resonators. The two dimensional structure is realized in the hexagonal lattice of silicon rods in air. A human eye shaped resonator is designed as the basic structure of the resonator which is used to increase the coupling of light signal. The resonant wavelength of the hexagonal shaped resonator is 1550 nm. The lattice constant of the structure is 540 nm and the refractive index is 3.45. The optical behavior of the proposed structure is analyzed using PWE and FDTD methods. The novel design and unique core shape offer several advantages over previous designs such as efficient coupling, reduced footprint and fast operation. The response time for the encoder are 0.65 ps and the switching rate is 1.5Tbits /sec. The response time of the decoder is 0.95 ps and the switching rate is 1.05 Tbits /sec. © 2021 Elsevier GmbH
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