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Design of recycling folded cascode amplifier using potential distribution method
V. Sudheer Raja,
Published in IEEE
Volume: 2017-January
Pages: 1 - 5
This paper briefs the design and analysis of recycling folded cascode amplifier using potential distribution method (PDM). Recycling folded cascode amplifier exhibits improved performance in terms of gain, unity gain frequency, slew rate compared to the conventional folded cascode amplifier. While designing of gain boosting amplifier architectures employing cascode structures, designers often found it difficult to keep all the transistors in saturation to meet the desired circuit performance. Potential distribution method provides a design technique based on node voltage distribution for analog circuit designers, which guarantees that all the transistors are operated in saturation. PDM is independent of process technology, device dimensions and complex design equations governing the performance of individual devices and circuit. The designing of recycling folded cascode amplifier using PDM is carried out in UMC 180nm CMOS technology and simulation results were presented. A gain of 62.35 dB with a unity gain frequency of 53.5 MHz at a bandwidth of 42.1 kHz, when driving a load capacitance of 1pF is obtained. Also provides a phase margin of 73.4 o at a power dissipation of 180 μW. © 2017 IEEE.
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JournalData powered by Typeset2017 International conference on Microelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICMDCS)
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