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Desktop phishing attack detection and elimination using TSO program
Priyan M.K, Nath C.G, Balan E.V, , Jeyanthi R.
Published in IEEE
Pages: 198 - 201
In today's computer world security is the major issue. For every project most of the money spent on the security and testing than developing. Because security issue is one of the major issue for everyone to protect data. According to the security analysts more than seven billion hackers are existing over one hundred and five billion computers. Almost all of them trying to collapse the security system. There are so many security attacks are rotating throughout the network. Phishing is one of the popular security attack on the websites due to fall in this attack we lose our valuable information. Today most of us are using e-commerce websites for online shopping. Most of them are paying money through online. By taking this as an advantage so many hackers are host phishing website for stealing our bank and credit card detail. No only this so many social accounts are hacking daily. Other than this there is a new model of attack that is Desktop phishing. It is one of the advance attack which is applied on victim computer it can prevent the victim user actions in websites. By that we don't allow to the real page even to modify of change our password. By that the attacker success his goal. For phishing detection there are so many solutions are available. But Till now so many antiviruses can't find this attack. So we prose a TSO programmatically solution to Desktop phishing attack. It has a capability to detection and prevention of the attack. © 2015 IEEE.