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Detection of malware on the internet of things and its applications depends on long short-term memory network
K. Priyadarsini, Nilamadhab Mishra, , Varun Gupta, Syed Khasim
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Pages: 1 - 12
Internet of Things (IoT) is distressing this global with its creating implementations in various pieces of growth, for instance, medicinal services, detecting and far off checking and so on. Cell phones and apps are executing effectively to recognize the vision of the IoT. Starting later, there is a quick increase in dangers that are added, virus assaults on cell phones. What's more, the wide abuse of the portable stage on the Internet of Things gadgets fabricates safety difficulties for instance of virus exercises. Thus, to safeguard the Internet of Things gadgets from these virus exercises, an effective Malware recognition procedure is introduced in this project. This proposed classifier is assessed with static, dynamic and hybrid highlights. From the virus data file, these highlights are chosen to utilize the IG calculation. At that point, these chosen highlights are provided as RNN-LSTM input as the proposed classifier which groups the Malware and Benign information. Re-enactment outcome showed that RNN-LSTM gets good precision by assessing it with Hybrid highlights rather than the Static and Dynamic highlights.
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JournalJournal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing