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Detection of the triple riding and speed violation on two-wheelers using deep learning algorithms
N.C. Mallela, R. Volety, ,
Published in Springer
Volume: 80
Issue: 6
Pages: 8175 - 8187
To curb the accident rate and traffic levels, strict implementation of the rules and continuous monitoring of the traffic is mandatory. Traffic Rule Violation Monitoring System ensures that the rules are followed strictly and it reduces the human effort. The main objective of this work is to identify the Triple Riding. To detect the triple riders, the deep learning framework darknet is used, which in turn uses a type of convolutional neural networks i.e. Deconvolutional neural network-based YOLO (You Only Look Once) algorithm for detection of the number of persons riding a bike, the system classifies the vehicle as to the rule-breach vehicle or not. The junctions acting as the data collections center, collects the data. The image of the vehicle classified as the rule-breach is stored along with the data such as vehicle manufacturing ID and vehicle speed transferred at the particular frame. The transfer of the data is facilitated using the GSM module and the NodeMCU deployed on the vehicle. The vehicle number will be verified with the transport office. To survive the lack of internet connectivity or low internet connectivity, the system is being equipped with the GSM module; else, the data related to the vehicle can be pulled by the development boards deployed at the junctions, acting them as the central part of the public internetwork deployed. This public internetwork acting the medium to pull the data from the vehicle to the central system. This is carried out using the concept of dynamic network configuration in NodeMCU. The use of Node MCU and the public network system makes the system much more viable, available and reliable. Thereby making the riders follow the rules properly and reducing irresponsible driving. © 2020, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.
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