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Detection of Vital Parameters using Cloud Computing Technology
R. Karthiga, , M. Mohan
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 691 - 694
The basic vital parameters of the Human body can be detected from Plethysmography. The PPG signal helps in determining the heart rate of the person, along with SPo2,Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose. Through this monitoring system the doctors could identify the health status of the patient. In this paper, we have used Cloud computing technology in order to monitor the patient and retrieve the data by Alexa which has been connected to it. Considering the cloud computing technology, we have used AWS cloud for the storage of the PPG signal and also for running the algorithm inside the cloud. The smart watch (wearable) is used to collect the PPG data. This could be passed over the cloud for determining the heart rate and the parameter are retrieved with the help of Alexa. Here the Alexa also involved in giving the alert in case of abnormal ranges. © 2020 IEEE.