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Determination of Stability of Rock Slope Using Intelligent Pattern Recognition Techniques
Swaptik chowdhury, Pratik goyal, R hariharan, Pijush samui
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 167 - 184
This article adopts Minimax Probability Machine (MPM) and Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) for prediction of stability status of rock slope. The proposed MPM and ELM models use unit weight (?), cohesions (cA) and (cB), angles of internal friction (?A) and ?B, angle of the line of intersection of the two joint-sets (?p), slope angle (?f), and height (H) as input parameters. For this chapter the determination of stability of rock slope has been adopted as classification problem. The developed MPM and ELM have been compared with each other. The results of this article shows that the developed MPM is robust model for prediction of stability status of rock slope.
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JournalHandbook of Research on Emerging Perspectives in Intelligent Pattern Recognition, Analysis, and Image Processing Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics
PublisherIGI Global
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