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Development of Data Acquisition and Analysis System: Telemetry in Automotive
, Rastogi D, , Kumar G, Divyansh Rastogi,
Published in SAE International
Issue: October
Digital data extraction is the most important and advance informative system that are embedded in the modern world functioning machinery to acquire the most precise feedback about the real-time operational situation of the machine to the control centre of operation. This data that is acquired from the machinery can be used to increase the efficiency, operational timing, production-cost and the overall human effort that is required for the operation. This paper focuses on the development on the advanced telemetry system that is capable to acquire real-time data of the modern vehicle wirelessly during its motion. A mobile automotive telemetry system for installation on-board a vehicle, includes: diagnostic structure for monitoring operational functions of the vehicle and generating operational information; memory for storing the generated operational information; and a server, in communication with the diagnostic structure and the memory. The server includes: (a) structure to receive a request from a remote client for the generated operational information; (b) structure to retrieve the generated operational information from the memory; and (c) structure to transmit the generated operational information to the remote client. © 2019 SAE International. All Rights Reserved.
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