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Development of eco-friendly antibiotic biomolecule compounds as organic corrosion inhibitors for structural rebar in simulated concrete pore solution
E.L. Harish,
Published in IAEME Publication
Volume: 9
Issue: 10
Pages: 76 - 85
The hypothesis behind this paper is to appraise biomolecule compounds that arepresent in antibiotics as organic corrosion inhibitors towards inhibition of structuralrebar against corrosion in simulated concrete pore solution (SCPS). In the presenceand absence of antibiotics such as Dicloxacillin (DCN), Ciprofloxacin (CFN) andFluconazole (FZE) are used to study as organic and non-toxic corrosion inhibitors insimulated concrete pore solution. In order to validate the objective, various analysingtechniques such as mass loss studies, Tafel polarisation, charge transfer resistance(Rct), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was implied. The study revealed thatDCN is more efficient, FZE is least efficient and NFN is moderate efficient ininhibiting the structural rebar in SCPS. Tafel polarisation unveils that the inhibitorsbehaves as an anodic inhibitors. © IAEME Publication.
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JournalInternational Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology
PublisherIAEME Publication